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Work effectively with the Chinese

CHINAFI offers you intercultural training which will help you to master your exchanges with your Chinese partners and to succeed in your development towards China.

Work effectively with the Chinese
1 day  in your premises or in our premises in Marseille.

Available remotely 

 ✔︎ Eligible for CPF and OPCO.


An interactive exchanges with  participants.


Chinese trainers with over 20 years experience.


Customized training to your specific needs.

  • Gain a better understanding of the Chinese mentality

  • Understanding the differences in behavior

  • Understand and master the elements to work better with the Chinese

  • Avoid traps and misunderstandings

  • Successful communications with the Chinese

  • Successful negotiations with your Chinese partners




1. Cultural differences between China and France


  • Notions of culture

  • The Hofstede Approach: Basis of Theories

  • Workshop 1: Hostede Approach - Your Cultural Profile

  • Perception between Chinese and French

  • Workshop 2: The Chinese seen from a French vs the French seen from a Chinese

  • Characteristics of Chinese society


2. Chinese thoughts and behaviors


  • Chinese society - Confucianism

  • Chinese thought vs Western thought

  • Two conceptions of efficiency

  • Management in China and the middle way (zhong yong zhi dao)

  • The notion of Time in China

  • Some basic notions of Chinese society

  • Characteristics of Chinese behavior

  • The notion of Quality in China: meaning and consequences


3. Chinese companies


  • The three types of business in China

  • Characteristics of the Chinese multinational

  • Decision making

  • Workshop 3: Holding a meeting with the Chinese


4. Communication with the Chinese


  • Case study: 2 communication scenarios

  • Communication, a difficult art

  • Direct and indirect communication

  • First contacts and subjects to avoid

  • How to overcome the language barrier

5. Negotiation with the Chinese

  • Negotiation - Some Basic Universal Techniques

  • The Art of War (Sun Zi)

  • Workshop 4: Negotiation with the Chinese

  • Characteristics of Chinese negotiators

  • Negotiation and the concept of contract for the Chinese

  • Negotiation in China vs negotiation in the West



  • The diversity of regions and provinces in China ...

Our customer feedback on this training:


"Our trainer has a very strong knowledge of her subject, she knows how to easily combine professional and personal experience." Marlene - CMA CGM

"Transmission of knowledge of Chinese culture in a great conviviality." Marjorie - CMA CGM

"It allowed us to work better with our Chinese partners. It's really very interesting!" Nicolas - CMA CGM

"Very clear trainer in her explanations, good examples, concrete cases." Mathis - NetSize

"Excellent mastery of the subject. Listening quality and interactivity with the group. Understanding of our proven needs. This training allowed me to understand the mistakes that I make regularly with my Asian partners." Leila - NetSize

For + 15 years, CHINAFI has offered businesses and organizations its professional training WORKING EFFICIENTLY WITH CHINESE PEOPLE.


This training will help you to optimize your exchanges with your colleagues and Chinese partners but also to avoid missteps, and misunderstandings which could slow down, see you closing the door to this high potential market.


Following this training is a guarantee of success for your development in China.



Company employees likely to work with China.

Any  prior knowledge is required to complete this training.


- 12/20/2021

- 01/17/2022

- 02/14/2022

These dates do not suit you?

Contact us on 04 91 53 28 34

or by e-mail:


You have the option of registering up to 1 month before the training session at the latest.


  • In our premises: 600 € / pers.

  • In your company: Contact us

Customizable training program in content and duration.

Your trainer:


Dan MENG , Founder and Director of CHINAFI, has over 25 years of experience in France-China cultural and professional relations; Dan has a double degree from Peking University and IAE Aix en Provence; To date, it has trained more than 500 professionals from large groups, SMEs and public bodies, to work better with China and the Chinese.

 ✔︎ CPF and OPCO eligible.
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