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Effectively manage a Chinese team

As a European manager, it is essential to understand Chinese culture if you want to manage a Chinese team.

There are many points to take into consideration in order to successfully complete a project with a Chinese team.

Formation culture chinoise
Effectively manage a Chinese team (face-to-face and / or remote)
1 day  in your premises or in our premises in Marseille.

Disponible à distance 

 ✔︎ Eligible for CPF and OPCO.


An interactive exchanges with  participants.


Chinese trainers with over 20 years experience.


Customized training to your specific needs.

Do you manage a Chinese team remotely? With the current context, collaboration is proving even more difficult.  

What are the points of success?

How to get clear feedback from your Chinese employees? 

How to retain and motivate them from a distance?

Come and train with Chinafi, a specialist in China since 2003.

  • Understand the main characteristics of Chinese culture.

  • Know the concept of team and project in China.

  • Knowing how to communicate well with Chinese team members.

  • Unite and motivate  both face-to-face and remote.




1. Take an interest in Chinese culture to understand the world of work in China


  • The individual in Chinese society, his aspiration, his behavior.

  • Understand the Chinese education system.

  • The world of work and gender parity.

  • Individual and team success.


2. Define and carry a team project

  • Knowing how to communicate a clear vision and objectives.

  • The Mianzi, or how to value individuals while guiding them.

  • Guanxi, or how to maintain a positive and productive harmony within the team.


3. Specificities of communication in Chinese companies

  • Communicate well with the team as a whole.

  • Bilateral communications or “one-to-one” Manager-Team member.

  • Transparency and empowerment of team members.


4. Unite and motivate a Chinese team face-to-face and remotely

  • The fundamentals of a successful team meeting.

  • Conduct a team meeting effectively face-to-face.

  • Conduct a team meeting efficiently from a distance.

  • Best practices and tools for project monitoring.

5. Management in China compared to French management


Company employees likely to work with China.

Any  prior knowledge is required to complete this training.


- 02/16/2022

- 03/22/2022

These dates do not suit you?

Contact us on 04 91 53 28 34

or by e-mail:


You have the option of registering up to 1 month before the training session at the latest.


  • In our premises: 600 € / pers.

  • In your company: Contact us


Customizable training program in content and duration.

 ✔︎ CPF and OPCO eligible.

How to effectively manage a Chinese team?


For a European company wishing to penetrate the Asian market or collaborate with partners in China, it is advisable to put aside its certainties in the commercial, relational and behavioral approach vis-à-vis its Chinese interlocutors.


To manage a Chinese team and ensure a serene and effective collaboration, it is essential to take into consideration the cultural differences which require a specific adaptation compared to the French or European models.

To establish a relationship of trust with your teams in China, you should focus on four major cultural principles:

1.   In China, there is a principle called “Guanxi” which requires all effective managers to place human relations at the heart of their action. The Chinese are very sensitive to the quality of relations and good understanding at work.

2.   Valuing work and the individual: the Chinese have a real culture of success and are able to redouble their efforts if they are rewarded by their manager.

3.   Optimism! Indeed, addressing your collaborators, suppliers or Chinese partners in a negative way will be counter-productive, a source of litigation and you will certainly not achieve your goals. Being positive about human skills and the future of the company enjoins the Chinese to get more involved in their tasks.

4.   In China, a good manager is a leader who knows how to show leadership and who leads his company as a good father. This feeling of paternalism is important for the Chinese who see themselves reassured and reinforced in their work by a leader that they will be able to take as a model.


Where to find experts in Franco-Chinese cooperation?


To be able to better understand the cultural differences between France and China, all leaders must provide their teams with the training and coaching essential to understanding the cultural codes of the Chinese.

Thanks to a meticulous and permanent sourcing policy, CHINAFI puts at your disposal the expertise of our competent trainers, interpreters and coaching consultants who are experts in the subtleties of Chinese culture.


Whatever your project: establishing your Import/Export company with China, setting up your factory in Beijing, planning an investment in a Chinese company..., you should above all make sure you understand the workings and customs of entrepreneurship. and industrial relations in this country.

This is the essence of CHINAFI's training program aimed at understanding Chinese culture to effectively manage a Chinese team. Communication, specificities of the world of work in China, practice of Mianzi and Guanxi, importance of HRD, specific motivation tools, the key to success when you manage a Chinese team is to be able to understand each aspect of the professional relationship according to the customs. and customs in China.


CHINAFI offers you a training solution with a multidisciplinary approach that allows you to approach your Franco-Chinese collaboration more calmly.

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