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Discover the evolution and the highlights of CHINAFI since its creation.



Discover the evolution and the highlights of CHINAFI since its creation in 2003.



Creation of CHINAFI, an organization specializing in China and Asia based in Marseille.


CHINAFI is registered by the  DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate for Enterprises, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment)  under the number 9313 1161413.


CHINAFI is a partner of  Gemalto  and some  Marseille City Hall.


CHINAFI is a partner of the European Commission and CMA CGM.


CHINAFI is accredited by the "Language Proficiency Diploma Exam Preparation Center (DCL)" by the University of Aix-Marseille (AMU), the Operational Pilotage at the National Level. This accreditation allows your trainees to access the financing of the Personal Training Account (CPF). In April, CHINAFI intervened at the CCI Internationale Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.


Participation in the organization of "China Workshop 2016" in Marseille, a professional event bringing together all the tourist actors established in France.


CHINAFI is a partner of the Marseille Provence Cruise Club to translate the "Cruise Passport" and other documents into Chinese.


CHINAFI participated in the welcome of the mayor of Shanghai Mr YING Yong  July 3. Director Dan MENG was the Chinese-French interpreter for the City of Marseille.


Partnership with Marseille Provence Airport for the project to open a direct line with China.


Chinese language training at CEA Cadarache.


CHINAFI is a partner with KEDGE Business School for the “Chinese Track” program.


Training "How to work with the Chinese" at Sartorius Stedim France.


The director of CHINAFI, Ms. Dan MENG is a China relationship consultant for Marseille Provence Airport.


Interpreting mission at Gelec to host a Chinese delegation.


CHINAFI is a partner of McArthurGlen Provence for the reception of Chinese tourists and the translation of documents.


Interpreting mission to the City of Marseille during an interview with the mayor by the Chinese press.


Interpreting mission at the French Development Agency during the seminar for a Chinese delegation.


CHINAFI is the ambassador to welcome more than 1000 agencies around the world participating in the largest professional meeting in tourism in France.


Partner of the Destination Contract to promote the “Provence” brand with the Marseille Tourist Office and the CRT (Regional Tourist Board).


CHINAFI provided training sessions "How to welcome Chinese customers in stores" at McArthurGlen Provence.


Partnership with Bureau Veritas France for the interpretation of technical training on the ITER project.


CHINAFI is continuing its partnership with Bureau Veritas France , on the ITER project.

Obtaining QUALIOPI certification for training organizations in November 2021.

Training "How to work with the Chinese" at Petroineos, Euroco and Sartorius.

Collaboration with the company Framatech on "How to work with the Chinese".


Chinafi is expanding its offering by offering courses on how to work with the Japanese.

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