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China and Asia specialist 



CHINAFI helps companies in their projects with China and Asia through a comprehensive range of services.


We have been specializing on Asia for 20 years, which is the real opportunity if you need to trade with Asia. We provide the support you need to optimize  your communication and your relationships with your Chinese partners.


We offer you a support that adapts efficiently to your needs in order to build trust in the long term.

  • CHINAFI vous invite le 6 juin de 12H00 à 14H00 pour échanger sur la Chine au restaurant Jin Jiang à Marseille. Inscrivez-vous maintenant ici:  dépêchez-vous, le nombre de places est limité.

  • Les prochaines sessions de la formation "Comment travailler efficacement avec les Chinois" auront lieu le 16/04/2024 et le 11/06/2024 dans nos locaux, avec notre directrice Mme Dan MENG.

  • Prochaine session de la formation "Réussir ses achats en Chine - import" aura lieu le mardi 17/06/2024 dans nos locaux, avec notre formatrice Mme Weiwei SHANG.

  • Les replay de nos trois webinaires sur la Chine sont désormais disponibles sur YouTube ! Cliquez sur le nom du webinaire pour regarder la vidéo complète !

1. Quels sont les impacts de la crise du Covid 19 dans la coopération franco-chinoise ?

2. Comment trouver le point d'équilibre entre la culture occidentale et la culture chinoise dans votre coopération avec la Chine ?

3. Est-il toujours intéressant de vendre et d'acheter en Chine ?

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Nos partenaires qui nous ont fait confiance

Ils nous ont fait confiance :

Présentation des activités de CHINAFI par la directrice Dan Meng

At a time of globalization that is increasingly reducing the spaces between nations, wanting to develop your business abroad is a desire shared by many French companies.
However, cultural codes are often very different from one country to another and this is all the more true for China and Asian countries whose mentalities, habits and customs and lifestyles are very different from ours.
Wanting to integrate the Chinese market , conduct negotiations and trade with China , Japan or Korea requires taking into account these cultural differences at the risk, otherwise, of seeing your project fail.
It is clear that the companies that are most successful in their integration into Asian markets and that develop winning partnerships in these countries are those that have been able to anticipate and understand the subtleties and specificities of the target destination by strengthening their intercultural knowledge.

Why call on CHINAFI to approach the Asian markets?

How to work effectively with the Chinese ? What are the keys to managing a Chinese team? How to succeed in your purchases in China ? What are the steps to follow to set up a business in Asia ?
So many questions that your intercultural training organization France-China CHINAFI proposes to answer you through its skills and thus release all your potential to better apprehend your commercial approach with the countries of Asia.
Beyond offering you a wide choice of training themes for your company and your employees, CHINAFI also offers you learning the fundamentals of Chinese , Japanese or Korean languages, a service of translators and interpreters as well as complete coaching . to meet your desire to succeed in setting up in this part of the world.
Import/Export with China , project to set up a factory in Korea , desire to create a partnership with a Japanese company ; some
  whatever your project, not taking into account the commercial approach and the specificities of the targeted country would be a serious strategic mistake that CHINAFI will allow you to avoid.
Give yourself every chance to succeed thanks to the investment of the CHINAFI teams, an essential partner for your business project in Asia .

What training and services does CHINAFI offer?

Whether you want to establish your business in China , welcome Chinese customers on the national territory in the field of tourism , have your commercial documents translated while ensuring that you respect all the linguistic and legal subtleties or that your professional events require the intervention of an interpreter, CHINAFI offers you its expertise through personalized services and tailor-made training.
Knowing how to approach your interlocutors and being able to meet the specific needs of your Chinese, Korean or Japanese suppliers, customers or partners : a guarantee of success for which we offer coaching and training targeted to your expectations.
Expert in Franco-Chinese cooperation , trainers , interpreters and coaching consultants from CHINAFI work alongside your business project.

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