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Work effectively with the Chinese

CHINAFI offers you intercultural training that will help you master your exchanges with your Korean partners and succeed in your development towards Korea.



An interactive exchanges with  participants.


Chinese trainers with over 20 years experience.


Customized training to your specific needs.

Work effectively with the Chinese
1 day  in your premises or in our premises in Marseille.

Disponible à distance 

 ✔︎ Eligible for CPF and OPCO.
  • Gain a better understanding of the Korean mentality

  • Understand cultural differences

  • Understand and master the elements to work better with Koreans

  • Avoid pitfalls and misunderstandings

  • Succeed in your communications with Koreans

  • Succeed in your negotiations with your Korean partners




I. Know, understand and apprehend Korean Culture


1. Culture and interculturality

  • The notion of culture

  • Workshop: Korean thought vs French thought (some examples)

  • Workshop: Korean seen by a French vs French seen by a Korean


2. Global presentation of South Korea

  • History and geography of the country

  • Geopolitical characteristic and its impact on economic and social life

  • Korea's miraculous economic growth: Saemaul 's movement

  • The Place of Korean Culture in the World: Hallyu Movement

3. A look at Korean cultural codes: its richness and uniqueness  


  • Religions in Korean Society

  • Korean Confucianism

  • Characteristics of Korean behaviors:  

-Importance of belonging

- Generalization of the concept of family throughout the population

-Contradiction: between repression of negative emotions "Han" and reactivity (hot-blooded people)

-Difficulty accepting difference

-Great adaptability and flexibility

  • The notion of time in Korea: “ Pali Pali culture = fast fast”

  • Workshop: Some common expressions of greeting and politeness

II. The Korean Workplace, understanding its specificities


1. Important concepts

  • The education system: competitive society

  • Emotional Intelligence of Koreans, Nunchi

  • The Korean relationship: jeong and modesty

  • Preserving Harmony, Inwha

2. The characteristics of the world of work in Korea

  • Types of businesses in Korea

  • From an achimnika society to a yoseo society

  • The Quest for Excellence and the Sense of Service in Korea: Meaning and Consequences

  • The place of women in the world of work

  • Decision-making procedure in Korean vs French companies

  • Workshop: How can we influence decision-making?

3. Communication

  • How to establish a “good” impression, topics to avoid

  • The circumstantial truth in Korea

  • body language

  • Implicit Communication

  • Workshop: Communicate effectively with Korean partners in different situations: by phone, video, in writing and face-to-face


  III. Negotiate with Koreans


1. Protocols to follow

  • The importance of politeness

  • Giving face to your partner

  • Tips and pitfalls to avoid when negotiating

  • The issue of gifts


  2. Negotiation, avoiding odds

  • How to convince the Koreans?

  • The Korean way of thinking

  • The Art of Korean Negotiation Based on the Chinese Art of War

  • Workshop: how to succeed in win-win negotiations with Korean partners?


3. Post-negotiation

  • Relativize the importance of the written contract

  • Think long term

  • Loyalty of partners



This training will help you to optimize your exchanges with your Korean colleagues and partners but also to avoid missteps and misunderstandings that can slow down or even close the door to this high-potential market.


Following this training is a guarantee of success for your development in South Korea.



Company employees likely to work with South Korea.

Any  prior knowledge is not necessary to follow this training.


- 03/28/2022

- 04/15/2022

These dates do not suit you?

Contact us on 04 91 53 28 34

or by email:


You have the possibility to register up to 1 month before the training session at the latest .


  • In our premises: 800€/pers.

  • In your company: Contact us

Customizable training program in content and duration.

Your trainer:

Eun-hee KWON has over 10 years of experience in Korean business and international business.  Eun-hee  is a specialist in the functioning of Korean companies as well as Franco-Korean cooperation. She has accumulated many experiences in the fields of import-export, e-commerce in cosmetics. For many years, she worked as an interface between the Korean parent company and their French subsidiary and for international business. These are essential skills to lead this training.

She is open-minded, communicative, pedagogical, very dynamic and likes to pass on her knowledge and skills to people who wish to work with Koreans.


 ✔︎ Eligible OPCO.
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