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Investing in China - Current Context

CHINAFI offers you training that will allow you to better understand the Chinese market and acquire the right strategies for a successful establishment in China.

Investing in China - Current Context
1 day  in your premises or in our premises in Marseille.

Disponible à distance 

 ✔︎ Eligible for CPF and OPCO.


An interactive exchanges with  participants.


Chinese trainers with over 20 years experience.


Customized training to your specific needs.

  • Understand the essentials for a successful establishment in China.
  • Structure your approach in 10 key steps covering all the parameters to launch your business in China.


1. Carry out a market study

Before embarking on the first steps to launch your business, it is important to know your market, your competition, the barriers to entry, the opportunities for your business. It will be necessary to know your potential customers to target them as well as possible. This market study will allow you to seize the opportunity to stand out.


2. Know your potential Chinese customers well to adapt to their needs

In order to be able to adapt and better meet the expectations of Chinese customers, it will be necessary to carry out sectoral market studies and to properly target its core market. In addition, working with Chinese collaborators and sharing with them to have a source of concrete and first-hand information.


3. Choose an entity, the status of your future business

Before registering your business, you must decide on the most suitable status for your needs. The most common forms for foreign companies are the Joint Venture, the representative office, and the WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise).


4. Create your business plan

Your business plan is extremely important because the Chinese state will not allow you to operate on anything other than what is detailed in your business plan. You will therefore need to detail all of your activities for the Chinese market in the five years following your establishment in China.


5. Find a local partner

An on-site and qualified contact should be able to tell you where you need to go to register your business whether it is public administrations at a local, provincial or national level. The ideal is a Chinese contact who can help you in your administrative procedures by negotiating directly with the responsible authorities.


6. Prepare your documents for the registration of your entity

The administrative procedures in China can be long and complicated, it is important to do your research well so as not to waste time, consult the appropriate sites to know, depending on the entity that you have chosen, the documents you will need.


7. Intellectual property issues

Register your trademark but also you must also think about the registration of patents / designs in order to protect the uniqueness of your products.


8. Find a bank

Finding a suitable bank for your business is also a crucial point, this is where your funds will rest, and your capital. You will need an international bank, capable of transacting with foreign banks in order to facilitate substantive trade with your country of residence.


9. Recruit personalities corresponding to your business

Recruiting staff in China is a special process because you have to trust people whose culture is totally different from France; the methods are different, the methods of communication, the principles of hierarchies as well.


10. Don't rush

China has very specific principles in terms of business. You will have to be patient because everything takes time. The "guanxi", literally "network" does not develop in a month. Taking the time to develop solid relationships with your agents / employees / investors / suppliers (etc) will be key to the evolution of your business.


Company employees likely to work with China.  

Any  prior knowledge is required to complete this training.


- 12/13/2021

- 02/21/2022

These dates do not suit you?

Contact us on 04 91 53 28 34

or by e-mail:


You have the option of registering up to 1 month before the training session at the latest.


  • In our premises: 600 € / pers.

  • In your company: Contact us

Customizable training program in content and duration.

Your trainer:


Li Cheng , Business Lawyer, Graduated with a Masters in Economic Law in China and holder of a Master II in Law and a Doctorate from the Law Faculty of the University of Aix-Marseille, with the Capa obtained in France , she is currently a lawyer at the Marseille Bar in the field of business law, particularly in the context of Sino-French projects.

 ✔︎ CPF and OPCO eligible.
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